Writer’s Block; Inkshares

This last week, I’ve suffered from a pretty awful case of writer’s block: every time I sat down and tried to write, my mind wandered away and I couldn’t focus on the page. I finally broke that pattern this evening, managing to write about 700 words. My solution: better living through chemistry. Specifically, caffeine. I ordered some 40mg caffeinated mints off Amazon, and they seem to be exactly what I was missing. Woohoo!

I’ve now drafted the second scene of Chapter 1. It follows on from the first scene, fleshing out the two established characters a bit more, tying the prologue’s event into the protagonist’s life, and introducing a new concept or two from the setting.

When I complete the book, I’m planning to try publishing through Inkshares. It’s basically a cross between a micropublisher and a crowdfunding site: authors propose books to the site, readers commit to pre-orders, and if the book meets the crowdfunding thresholds, then Inkshares commits to publishing it. I’ve uploaded the draft-so-far to its own Inkshares page; if you’re already on Inkshares, or if you create an account, then you can read the draft for Chapter 1, give me feedback, and Follow the book to get status updates.